RoboVoice The easiest way to convert text to ready-to-use audio files.

Windows Version 1.1.1
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Why choose RoboVoice?

Easy to use

Create voice-overs from text without interrupting your workflow! Generated Audio files can be passed directly to other programs via drag and drop.

Multilingual voices

RoboVoice supports more than 100+ voices across 30+ languages and variants.

Text and SSML Support

Include SSML-Tags in your Text-to-Speech request for more customization in your audio response by providing details on pauses and audio formatting.

Pitch Tuning

Customize the pitch of your selected voice to sound higher or lower than normal.

Speaking Rate Tuning

Customize your speaking rate to be faster or slower than the normal rate.

Fair pricing model

Depending on how often you use RoboVoice, you can choose between subscription-based billing and prepaid synthesis time packages without a monthly fee.

Available Languages & Voices

Click on the numbers next to a language to listen to the available voices.

en-US / English (US)
en-IN / English (India)
de-DE / German (Germany)
fr-FR / French (France)
it-IT / Italian (Italy)
ru-RU / Russian (Russia)
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Based on how often you use RoboVoice, you can choose between
subscription-based billing and various prepaid packages.



  • 120 Seconds
    Synthesized Audio

RoboVoice S

  • 60 Minutes
    Synthesized Audio
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RoboVoice M

  • 5 Hours
    Synthesized Audio
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RoboVoice L

  • 10 Hours
    Synthesized Audio
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Yes, you can, if you own/hold the copyright in the text which you are synthesizing.
That means that you hold the copyright to the text, and you can authorize a derivative work (such as a synthesized recording).
Therefore, you hold the copyright to the synthesized audio files as well.

Yes, you can easily switch between the plans.

Upgrade your plan is the same as if you had decided on the larger plan at the beginning of the current billing cycle.
You will only be charged the difference to your current plan.
So you can start with a RoboVoice S subscription, and if you notice that S is not enough, you can easily upgrade to M or L with immediate effect.

You can also downgrade an existing plan, for example from L to M.
However, a downgrade only takes effect at the end of the current plan and is effective for the next billing period.

Yes, you can.

If both are active, the subscription time is used first.
As soon as it is consumed, the prepaid time will be used.

To synthesize new texts, an online connection to RoboVoice servers is required.
Once synthesized, audio files are stored locally and can be used later without an active internet connection.
The text to speech (wav) conversion takes place online on servers rented by us, which causes monthly costs. Even though we plan to operate RoboVoice for many, many years, those costs remain calculable and finite due to the expiration date.

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